Specialized in web marketing, our agency brings talented people with multiple skills together. These people only have one thing in mind: to strongly increase your performances.

Our 4 sectors of activity




Enhanced visibility, target audience,
maximized ROI:
these are our obsessions
to boost your performance on the web.





Subtly seducing your target,
conquering your prospects with passion, winning the long-lasting loyalty of your clients: this is our approach to a privileged relation





words are our weapons to enhance your reputation.





Graphic effervescence,
artistic curiosity,
digital singularity:
our creative addiction propels your identity.


The Agency

Web addiction, chronic creativity, team spirit: at Blue Butterfly, we explore, we imagine, we develop digital strategies with passion and determination.

TRAFFIC Department

Enhanced visibility, target audience, maximized ROI: these are our obsessions to boost your performance on the web.

More than a third of the global population uses the Internet, which means more than a third of the global population could potentially visit your website. Stimulating the traffic on your website is one thing. Generating a target audience is another.


A website has a meaning only if it’s visited; this, we’ve understood! To make a website known to the public at large and, first of all, to make it lively, the TRAFFIC team thinks about, carries out and analyzes effective online strategies. As passionate experts, Ambroise and his team perfectly master the major digital marketing tools: affiliation, Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Working on a global scale, we meet a dual objective: to generate an increase in the volume of traffic and transform these Internet users into clients.

Meticulous and audacious, our specialists in affiliate networking have set up an international network of privileged, reliable and efficient partners. From the negotiation to obtain the best prices to the analysis of the results and the continuous optimization of the flow of visitors as well as the creation of tailor-made campaigns, nothing escapes the watchful eyes of those in charge of the affiliate department.

In the jungle of the web, making your website visible is an art. The delicate art of positioning yourself in the search engines. Inventive and rigorous, our experts in SEA skillfully manage the campaigns of sponsored links: analysis of performance, optimization of the positioning, generation of a targeted traffic.

As a complement to the SEA, the SEO adds value to the content of a website to position it intelligently in the organic results of the search engines. Entrusting us with the optimization of your natural referencing amounts to reducing traffic acquisition costs and maximizing your notoriety on the web thanks to a targeted traffic.

Aware of the perpetual evolutions in this sector, we attend major online marketing exhibitions to anticipate – the best we can – the trends to come and to have the best resources at our disposal. On the lookout for new technologies, we decipher what is at stake to seize each and every opportunity and to develop a relevant, efficient and coherent digital strategy with you.

LOYALTY Department

Subtly seducing your target, conquering your prospects with passion, winning the long-lasting loyalty of your clients: this is our approach to a privileged relation.

Almost one Internet user out of 2 claims they buy online using a link contained in a newsletter. If the commercial potential of the e-mail is no longer to be demonstrated, the performance of such a marketing medium requires experience, patience and meticulousness. This is something we have perfectly understood.


Being present on the web is no longer an end in itself. Possessing one’s own Internet website is only the starting point of an e-marketing strategy that must be envisaged globally: creating positive interactions between Internet users and your brand is the central theme of an efficient relationship with clients.

For Pierre and her team, transforming prospects into clients and making them loyal doesn’t verge on the miraculous, it simply stems from their real technical and strategic abilities. Targeting, captivating and livening up your clientele in a dynamic and perennial manner are the main objectives of the campaigns carried out by our e-marketing experts. Whether it is about commercial emails or emails concerning events, whether it is about newsletters or SMS Push campaigns, each campaign is always thoroughly tested, analyzed and optimized to ensure that the message is delivered, has quality and is profitable because an email must first of all be received and read to be efficient.

The best practices in terms of email sending are mastered, delivery audits and tests are carried out; the LOYALTY team leaves nothing to chance. Everything is thought out, rigorously tested and carefully analyzed to optimize your marketing campaigns in the best possible way. There is only one determining element left in maximizing their profitability: the segmentation of your target, which is precisely one of our strengths.

The unquenchable thirst for knowledge guides our team to better decipher and understand the behavior of your prospects and clients. Monitoring and analysis of performance indicators, data bases updating, and scoring calculations are determining factors that enable us to intelligently segment your target.

From conquest to loyalty, a relationship must be built for the long-term by seducing and surprising people every day. Anticipating, listening and convincing are keys to a lively and successful relationship. That is why we are offering you innovative and profitable concepts, capable of meeting your goals.


Imagination, emotion, persuasion: words are our weapons to enhance your reputation.

At the very heart of what’s at stake in terms of communication, writing is a key factor in a successful digital strategy. In this context, the significance of semantics has never been so great. Producing a unique, relevant and structured content isn’t something you can improvise. Our demand: attracting the attention in a positive manner to efficiently distinguish yourself.


Today’s multiplication of mediums offers a real opportunity: the opportunity to express oneself at different levels by using several communication channels. So far, so good. What kind of message should be conveyed using what kind of medium and what kind of words should be used to move a particular kind of public remain to be determined. Things get complicated. It’s at this stage that the expertise of Florence and her team comes into play.

A message is only valued when it is thought out and conceived according to your corporate image, to the medium that’s chosen and, of course, to the goal that must be met. Are you lost for words? Our COPYWRITING team finds the ones that fit. As words’ bashful lovers, only one thing haunts us: words devoid of meaning. We are committed to creating editorial contents that are in conformity with you: structuring, giving meaning to your speech, and adapting it to make your message more striking, more convincing. Creative and precise, our experts draw up and abide by an editorial charter to ensure the integrity of your communication.

Aware of what’s at stake in terms of editorial content, our team is extremely sensitive to the evolution of today’s editorial demands. Writing for and on the web is an activity that has its own codes. As we master SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we create optimized contents so as to maximize our natural referencing in search engines.

Ingenious and insightful, the COPYWRITING writers handle semantic wealth and technical constraints perfectly. Cosmopolitan and open, our team masters foreign languages with subtlety: the translations of your contents are gone over with a fine-toothed comb by our specialists, who ensure the respect of the initial message.

From the conception to the shaping of the content, we put our expertise at your service so as to advise you when it comes to making editorial choices and making your communication accessible, sparkling and persuasive!

DTP Department

Graphic effervescence, artistic curiosity, digital singularity: our creative addiction propels your identity.

Each day, more than 1.4 million images are downloaded on Flickr. Each minute, 3600 new photographs are shared on Instagram. On the web, the image has become a distinct mode of expression. It entices, amuses, intrigues, astonishes, calls to mind. But, for our desktop publishing team, a visual concept must first of all be coherent and enhance your corporate image.


We create an attractive graphic universe, conceive numerical devices that are intelligent and offer a unique digital experience. Here, we search, experiment and explore to reveal audacious and efficient concepts. Such is the direction in which we want our web projects to go.

Combining esthetics and technology, the desktop publishing department imagines and conceives innovative graphic devices respecting your brand’s identity. We favor a global approach, think about each medium’s specificity and put the emphasis on the coherence of your communication through different media. Effervescent, the desktop publishing department captures, analyzes and consults new trends to seize opportunities and understand how pertinent these innovations are to respond to our client’s problems.

Graphic sensitivity, technical skills and web culture are the recipe of Vincent and his team. Inventive and demanding, our desktop publishing specialists give free rein to their creativity through different mediums such as graphic design or videotape editing. From the writing of the content to the fulfillment of the project and the outline of the sketch of the graphic concept, each stage is meticulously thought out to bring an innovative and tailor-made solution to your objectives.


As we are on the lookout for the latest trends so as to make the most of new technologies, we review blogs, attend exhibitions and decipher information. In other words, our job is our passion.

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